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Architectural rendering, or architectural illustration, is the art of creating representative images showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design. They can be in several forms:

  • Freehand Graphics: are ideal for the classical representations of a building with a personal artistic touch.They include freehand sketches,artistic impressions and water colour renders.... Read More
  • Photo-realistic Renders: are representative images of the proposed development once completed, incorporating the development's intended finishes/textures etc .They can either be interior or exterior views.... Read More
  • Conceptual Layouts/ Impressionistic Forms: are a nortional representation of the true form and proportion of the building and/or its immediate context. Can be useful for conceptual design,planning schemes and exploration/study massing..... Read More
  • 2-D Renders: Involve enhancement of 2D layouts such as floor plans,elevations and sections for better legibility and representation .This is achieved graphically using light and shadows ,colour rendering, colour montage,among other technique..... Read More

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