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Architectural drawings are technical and not easy to understand/interpret especially for lay people who form the largest percentage of clients in the construction industry. There is thus need to prepare presentation drawings in a neat,easy to understand and friendly manner,visually explaining the designers idea,concept and designs to the consumers of such works

This need for self-explanatory representation has further been amplified by the current market trend where increasingly,clients are turning to design competitions as a way a of getting a solution that best responds to their order to have an upper edge over competitors,architects have not only to resolve their designs thoroughly but also to present them in a self-explanatory and visually-appealing format.

Outstanding presentations can revolutionize one's ability to sell projects to prospective clients.

These can be made more elaborate and self explanatory in a variety of ways,inter ala by use of

  • Rendered/graphics enhanced layouts i.e floor plans,elevations and sections
  • Rendered three-dimensions views of interior spaces and the exterior form of buildings
  • Scaled tangible(physical) models
  • Three-dimensional virtual tours(walk-throughs)

The consultant bas in need of presentation representation is not restricted to architects only but also includes the following

  • Service engineers
  • Interior designers
  • Property developers
  • Builders and contractors
  • Lenders(home equity loans/mortgage firms)
  • Real estate and property management agencies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Furniture,appliances and fixture designers

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Physical Address: Suite A-10, Daphton Court, Riverside Drive, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (+254) 740466556,
Mobile: (+254) 722 948150 / (+254) 725 126577